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    Wu xi He xie Zhicheng Electrical Co.,Ltdspecializing in train, train, film and television system of PIS system monitoring and control system, the bank queuing system. Audio and video display system, intelligent weak current system design, installation, commissioning, maintenance; Provide video monitoring system, computer network engineering, LED information display systems engineering, satellite positioning system, train the film and television system design, manufacture, installation, maintenance services, the company also undertake LED lighting lamps and lanterns, lamp decoration, development, production and sales.

    The company subordinate units are:
    Wuxi heng da electronic technology co., LTD
    Wuxi heng da electronic technology co., LTD. Shanghai branch
    Macro information technology co., LTD. In Shanghai tomorrow
    Shanghai, the communication system engineering co., LTD
    The company established a strict quality control procedures, has developed many new products, won a number of patents, in audio and video display system, weak current intelligent control systems engineering construction, design, product manufacturing, installation and after-sales service has won a good reputation.
    The company has ISO9001 certification and 3 c certification.
    Company tenet: quality first, the credibility of wisdom


    Wu xi He xie Zhicheng Electrical Co.,Ltd

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