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    Our company was established in 2012, is located in Wuxi City District No. 100 Feng Liangxi binlu Liando U Valley Business Park, is engaged in the LED information display system engineering, passenger guidance system engineering, computer network engineering, satellite positioning and display system of LED product development and sales and professional services company.
    Companies in the development and application of new technology to improve new products at the same time, has always been to "quality first, customer first for the purpose, established a perfect customer service service system, composed of a team of experienced, technical comprehensive training, installation and maintenance of professional and technical personnel, the best quality products and the most secure service dedication to provide maintenance for users to use and.
    Constant innovation, the pursuit of excellence is our eternal philosophy.
    Two, quality control:
    The quality control strictly follow the ISO9001 quality assurance model, from the signing of the contract, product design, component procurement process, control, inspection and test and customer service service in all aspects, there is a complete system to control and guidance, LED has established a set of product characteristics of the quality management system. The automatic production line of high-quality group, first-class and advanced testing equipment is the foundation of our quality control, establish supplier identification, quality control points and international standard implementation, participate in the economic cycle and the world is our quality management philosophy.
    Three, service:
    The establishment of a complete service system, pre-sales services, sale of services, customer service service chain, nuanced, user maintenance, fixed maintenance, service three-in-one, self network, site reconnaissance, engineering design, installation and debugging of comprehensive, regular users increase mutual understanding,
    Hotline 24 hours around the clock to provide you with consulting and maintenance services (0510-85103267-606/18012390160), set up a bridge in the air, fast response, fast service is our standard of action. We continue to improve, we continue to improve in, so we have today, we have an unprecedented reputation.

    The four company, under the company as follows: Wuxi constant Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., Wuxi Muzi advertising media company in Jilin Province, hengze rail transportation accessories limited company (responsible for the Changchun bus market)


    Wu xi He xie Zhicheng Electrical Co.,Ltd

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